A movement to end workplace sexual harassment.

In 2017 people across the globe made their voices heard by speaking out against sexual harassment. But in order to to create the necessary cultural shift, one that empowered people to take action. Born out of a desire to insight change, #PinkyPromise focused on the collaborative efforts of women, men, and companies to make workplace sexual harassment an issue of the past.

From an anthem video, website, triggered emails, a social toolkit, and content across platforms, this project involved hands-on development from a group of passionate individuals.

In one week we reached over 360,000 people, with a 4.9% engagement rate and over 15,000 video views

Featuring "Stronger" by Luna Aura


Made: Website copy, anthem video, social content, social toolkit, triggered email copy

Made at: Blast Radius Chicago

Made with: Shannon StegerAlexis BernbaumBrandon Gibbons